UW, General UI

January 2011 - December 2011


  • Interaction Design
  • Sketch Work
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Development (HTML/CSS/javascript)
  • Research
  • Usability Testing

Mamalode is a magazine iPad app focused on supporting and networking mothers

I worked with General UI, a Seattle-based developer, and three other Masters students from the HCDE department at the University of Washington to design the second version of Mamalode's iPad app. Mamalode is a magazine for mothers which seeks to provide networking and support for mothers, and they wanted to use this platform to have a more global audience.

We were tasked with designing the features and experience that would accomplish Mamalode's goal of a holistic and community driven magazine for mothers of all backgrounds.

Check out our working prototype that I developed!

The developed app is also available in Apple's App store (only for iPads, though).


We brainstormed around 200 ideas based on our research and narrowed it down to three ideas that we felt  could were top priority.

  • Immersive reading experience that would focus on magazine content
  • At-a-glance features that would support mothers' opportunistic reading habits
  • Relevant sharing features as mothers share information very selectively

I and another team member implemented these designs in our hi-fi prototype using HTML/CSS/js. Further recommendations have been submitted to General UI, and they are currently working with Mamalode to develop the next phase of the app.

Things I would change...

As our deliverables were due immediately after our testing phase, we did not get much time to properly iterate over some of our design decisions. If I could go back and make changes to the project, I would:

  • Have the instructions for the bookmarking feature be prompts in the initials experience be adaptive to use, so it would disappear once the user has used these features
  • Improve the visual design of the article length indicator