SCCC Usability Study

Web Design Department at Seattle Central Community College

January 2012- March 2012


  • Test Session Design
  • Survey Design
  • Note taking

Usability study to learn how students used the SCCC website to aid in their site redesign

I worked with three other Masters students from the HCDE department at UW to conduct a usability study on the Seattle Central Community College's website in 2011. Our goal was to investigate how students were using the website and what design implementations would make the information organization and navigation more usable.

  • Usability Testing: Conducted seven one hour test sessions with SCCC students. Sessions consisted of the task completions, debrief session, and a post-test questionnaire. Sessions were recorded using Camtasia.
  • Data Analysis: Analyzed data from post-test questionnaire along with metrics like 'task complete success rate', and 'task efficiency'.
  • Survey and Analysis: Carried out a survey to identify major problem areas and areas of interest on the website.
  • Task Creation: Created tasks related to the previously identified areas to study students' interactions and gain their feedback.


We based our findings on three sources:

  • Observing tasks and the results
  • Post-test questionnaire
  • De-briefing session

We identified 14 findings and grouped them into 4 categories. For each finding, we created a problem statement, and a specific recommendation. In addition, for each problem statement we also also evaluated it according to three dimensions - Scope, Severity, and Complexity.

We provided recommendations for each of these four areas to SCCC. In addition, we also recommended design changes for further usability tests in order to focus on the four identified areas.