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The Ask

Help Supercuts re-establish their digital presence to make their services more accessible and convenient for their customers as well as to help them with content management and creation.



UX Designer

  • Developed wireframes for MVP use cases
  • Designed multiple templates such as Search, FAQ, Styles & Advice, About Loyalty, Terms & Service for the Adobe CQ CMS platform being implemented
  • Designed key pages and flows for Supercuts franchisees such as asset and marketing collateral download pages.
  • Worked closely with PM, Visual Designers, Front-End, and client stakeholders in order to deliver a high quality and timely delivered website

Live Work

Supercuts Website
Invision Prototype


Omnigraffle, Invision, Illustrator, HTML/CSS, Jira, Confluence



Joining the team during the last phase of design, I utilized my team's input to ensure that my designs were in sync with the rest of the website. For wireframes, I used Omnigraffle, sketching, and prototyping via HTML/CSS and InVision. Multiple versions of designs templates were presented to the client to show the versatility and flexibility of how they could use be used to create and manage content.



Redesigned a commonly used form that Supercuts franchisees used to submit artwork request. As the artwork selection provided by Supercuts can be very large, I seperated out the image selection part of the form to another view in order to avoid a dramatic increase in form size as well as jarring interactions. This form also introduced with it compartmentalization of tasks (submitting form requests vs downloading images) on the franchisee website, to make for a cleaner and more organized IA.

View the InVision prototype.